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Standing Up To China

– by Ashley Yablon Esq

What would you do if your ambitious career suddenly transformed into a deadly game of international espionage? Billions of dollars are at stake — and you are at the heart of it all.

Ashley Yablon’s story takes you into the dark crevices of deceit and corporate greed of one of the world’s most powerful Chinese telecom giants.

He Received Multiple Threats Against His Life

In his time as general counsel for one of the worlds largest telecom companies, ZTE, Ashley uncovered one of the biggest scandals in tech history. He received numerous threats on his career, his life, and family’s life.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Hit Refresh

July 12,2012,approximately 4:07

Donna and I lie on the floor of our bedroom. Our eyes are riveted to the laptop sitting open before us on the rug. We can’t see or think of anything else. That eleven-inch screen has become our universe.

I’m hitting the Refresh button every five seconds—like a crazed lab monkey trying to score a food pellet from an empty dispenser. The only sound I can hear is my heart pounding in my chest and the methodical clack of the mouse button as my finger hammers it over and over.

Clack. Hit Refresh. Clack. Hit Refresh. Clack. Hit Refresh.

Why are we on the floor? Because this way we can’t fall any further when the news hits. We’re as low as we can go.

Clack. Hit Refresh…

Sweat is pouring off my back and running down my sides in rivulets. Not from the Dallas summer heat, which is in full boil. Not from the hot breath of Gable, our hundred-pound Bernese Mountain Dog, who is hovering over us, honing in on our anxiety level and trying to offer us comfort—but only making it worse.

No, the sweat is from panic. Pure, blind, animal panic. If the story we’re anticipating hits the Internet as promised, our lives will never be the same. No more dream job for me. No more career. Maybe no more pulse.

Seriously. Donna and I have been told we could end up dead.

Clack. Hit Refresh…

What is the website we’re ….

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About the Author

  • Leader

    Ashley’s life is a testament to the fact that what is easy is not always right, and what is right is almost never easy. The incalculable power that sets a hero apart is choosing to do what’s right, even if – especially if – it costs you everything.

  • Lawyer

    With over 20 years experience as an attorney, including 15 years of in-house general counsel experience, Yablon is a hands-on corporate executive with a proven ability to provide proactive leadership with a pragmatic business approach.

  • Educator

    Yablon’s story serves as a reminder that one can be a corporate attorney and an ethical human at the same time. His experiences will help guide you to become proactive in doing what is right when you face moral dilemmas in your own careers.