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Steven W. Mosher

“What does a principled U.S. attorney do when working for a lawless Chinese firm like ZTE? He can either become an accomplice to the crimes being committed – and enjoy a lavish income and job security for helping it evade U.S. laws – or he can go to the FBI. Ashley Yablon chose the honorable course of action – honoring his profession and his country – and then had to flee for his life when his testimony was leaked from the thugs who were sent after him to end it. His story reads like an action thriller but is real life inside China’s major international corporations whose leaders believe, as one of Yablon’s bosses told him, that U.S. laws are only ‘suggestions.’ If you wonder why China, under the misrule of the Chinese Communist Party, will never become a responsible member of the existing world order, respect international law or abide by its agreements, read